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The Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Protection and Improvement of the Central Region held the symposium titled "Improving the Environmental Reality of the Brick Industry" on Thursday, 18 April 2019, in the presence of the President of the University, Prof.Dr.Amin Daoui and Deputy Hussein Arab and number of involved people in this field from Oil and Industry Ministries and the staff of the university.

The symposium aimed at diagnosing the problem of pollution caused by the local brick industry, proposing solutions, looking for immediate and future solutions in the light of health and environmental determinants, implementing a pioneering model for producing clean bricks and encouraging its dissemination to brick factories and forming professional awareness teams for workers in this field.

The university president said in a speech that the work with state institutions is the university's goal of technology, which draws the fundamentals of the subject of the environment, and everyone should participate in diagnosing the problem of the environment and finding solutions to it and the public interest requires that there are specialists in this field.The symposium included one session and four working papers under the chairmanship of Prof.Dr.Abdul Hamid Mohammed , Director of the Environmental Research Center, and Dr. Sahar Ahmed Amin, as a rapporteur. The first paper was presented by senior chief engineer Anaam Thabit , Assistant General Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Improvement of the Central Region on the environmental reality of the brick factories in Iraq. The second paper was by the Directorate General for Industrial Development, senior chief engineer, consultant engineer Ali Akhtar entitled brick industry in Iraq between reality and ambition.

The third paper was for the General Company for Construction Industries, which included two lectures, the first is the Brick Industry in the Public Sector; the problems and solutions, presented by engineers senior chief engineer Majid Jassim, Associate Director of Brick Sector, and the second lecture on the treatment of industrial offerings and was presented by senior chief engineer Mohsen Awad, environmental Protection Systems Officer.

 The fourth working paper was for a gas bottling company entitled Experimenting the operation of traditional brick factories using LPG and presented by senior chief engineer Shaimaa Ahmed, Director of the Department of Construction of Gas Warehouses and Networks.

After that, discussions and comments were made by Asst.Prof.Dr.amir Majid Al-Dabbagh from the Department of Machinery and Equipment Engineering at the University of Technology and Dr. Jassem Al-Falahi, technical agent of the Ministry of Health and Environment.




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Tuesday, 07 May 2019 06:07

Architecture Department Held Seminar


The Architecture Department at the University of Technology held a seminar on global standards in hospital design.

The consultant architectural Dr Majid Hadi from the United Kingdom delivered a lecture on the international standards in hospital design and practical experience in this field, in addition to enhancing the knowledge of students, especially the students whose projects will be on a hospital design.




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