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Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Technology organized a workshop in which Asst.Prof.Dr.Evan Abdul-Zahra and Lect.Dr. Uday Ali, present a lecture on the registration of research sites approved within the global containers as one of the requirements to enter the global classifications.

The lecture highlighted the creation of the four scientific research sites associated with the global repositories, Google Scholar, ORCID, Publons, Researcherid, which is one of the requirements for entering the international classifications.

It has been practically explained to the attendees how to add scientific research in these containers, especially ORCID, which is the main site through which the rest of the research sites are linked with him. The workshop was attended by the scientific assistant to the head of the department and heads of scientific branches and a group of teachers.





The Computer Science Department at the University of Technology held a workshop entitled "The Impact of Information Security on Improving Performance on the Labor Market" at the discussion room in the department.

The workshop, which was attended by Lec. wossam Ali, M.Sc. The importance of data security in the labor market, the factors affecting the protection of information in the labor market, the modern global standards for information security, and the potential threats to information security and its direct impact on the labor market.

The lecturers recommended giving priority and focus on the information security branch in the computer science department because it has an important impact on the rest of the branches and departments.