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Speak up Technology/ season 4

As part of its annual cultural activity, English Language Center held at Al-Kindi Hall - Electromechanical Department on Tuesday 16/4-2019 the English speaking event for the fourth season which aims to encourage and support students and teachers to speak in English under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology Prof.Dr. Ameen Douai Thamer and the presence of the scientific deputy Prof.Dr.Alaa'Abd Al-Hassan and the Administrative deputy Prof.Dr.Samy Abu Al-Nun and a number of heads of scientific departments and teaching staff and university students. The forum was opened by reading the Holy Quran and reciting Surat Al-Fatiha to honor the souls of our righteous martyrs and then playing the national anthem. Then, the director of the center Lect.Dr.Muna Abdul-Hussein welcomed the attendees and announced the staring of the event/4th season.

Also, the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Amin Douai, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Center and its support to keep pace with the cultural and linguistic development and interest in the effectiveness of speaking English in the fourth year after the event was unique. The course aims to improve the level of public speaking and fluency in addition holding many courses for students and other participants from different sectors. The jury committee includes professors from different universities and they are Prof. Dr. Basem Muften, Prof. Dr. Abdulkareem fadel, Prof. Dr. Sami Alma’emori, Prof. Shatha Als’edi, Assist. Prof. Abeer Hadi Saleh.

The ten participants who were nominated by the competent supervisory committee in interviews conducted with them presented a video presentation that included cultural, scientific and social topics that dealt with a general idea, issue, project, invention, motivational speech or story with a moral or moral lesson in English to break the fear of talking about Special ideas and opinions.In conclusion, the winners and the participants in the event were honored to support their efforts and activities.







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English Language Center at the University of Technology holds Free Basic English language course for the university staff  , Where the student learns the strategy of learning English, how to speak and not to be confused, the vocabulary used in interviews and meetings formal and informal, and how to join terms and compose simple and complex sentences.   Many participants from different scientific departments and centers have participated in the course.

The course was delivered by group of teaching staff at the center.







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Minister of higher education and scientific research appreciated the lecturer at   English Language Center Lect. Yassein Mashhout Taher and this text of the book

"Appreciating your efforts in the preparation of English language curricula for non-English language sections and developing the skills of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, it is good for us to offer you our thanks and appreciation for your efforts, thank you for success and hoping to present more service to our beloved Iraq.






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Under the slogan (To make the diversity of sources of energy generation a title for the advancement of the production of energy), Mechanical Engineering Department - Mechanical Engineering Branch of Power Stations held its first engineering forum for students of power stations branch at the presence of the University Deputy for scientific affairs Prof.Dr.Alaa Abdul-Hassan, Asst.Prof.Dr.Moayd Razoqi the head of department and number of staff and student.

The forum aims at giving the students of the end stage of the Mechanical Engineering Branch the power stations to display their scientific results and enrich them scientifically through the positive scientific debate.




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Continuing Education Center at the University of Technology organized a specialized training course on water treatment of steam boilers with the participation of trainees from the ministries of the state.

The course aims at introducing the engineers and operators in the steam boiler unit to the most important problems in steam boilers, as well as the definition of the methods of water treatment boilers, as well as the latest methods and techniques used globally to improve the efficiency of steam boilers.

The course included the problems of steam boilers, corrosion in pipes, water treatment of steam boilers, as well as modern techniques used to improve the functioning and performance of steam boilers.The lecture was delivered by Rakeem Ismail from the Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology.



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