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Sunday, 10 February 2019 07:31

Chemical Engineering Department Hold Seminar

Within the scientific and cultural activities for the first semester in the academic year 2018-2019, Chemical Engineering Department,  held  a seminar which is presented by Asst.Lect.Amer Yahya entitled:" 2-Nitrophenol and 2,6-Dinitrophenol repartition in water octanol system" on al-Khawarizmi Hall in the presence of Head of Department Asst.Prof.Dr.Khalid Ajmi and faculty and staff of the department.

Asst.Lect.Amer Yahya explained that the coefficient of water-log (P) of the nitrophenol compounds is an important thermal dynamic characteristic used to describe the division of these compounds between the water and organic phases. Due to its high toxicity and environmental impact, it is accurately refuted in surface water.

In this study,  log values ​​for 2-nitrophenol and 2,6-diitrophenol were obtained using conventional concussion method with optical spectrum measurements over wavelengths of 200-500 nm and detecting a group of phenols and phenols from compounds experiment in water and organic phases. In particular, mathematical model was used to calculate simple division coefficients.

Distribution of 2-nitrophenol between water and 1 octanol at 25 ° C, the partitioning coefficients were close to the value in the literature, between 1.75-1.8, and for 2.6-ditrophenol gave the fractionation factors less than the published value in the literature, between 0.72 - 0.78. The value of log P changes with the total concentration of the studied compounds, with non-linear behavior.



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