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 Environmental Research Center manager at UOT, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Muhammad Jawad, participated as an environmental expert in the workshop entitled:

"Environmental Assessmental for water Resources pollution lmpact"

Established by Specialized Centers commission in the Ministry of Health, which was held on the sidelines of the agenda of REACH EXPO AGENDA3conference and exhibition

The session was chaired by Director of Specialized Centers commission, Dr. Sami Shati, the director of Private Health Institutions Department at Health Ministry, Dr. Amer Abdel-Sada, and Director of Al-Kafil Specialist Hospital, Dr. Jassim Al-Ibrahimi

The workshop included a presentation about the importance of the relationship and positive indicators in partnership with the private health sector and the importance of managing health services in modern ways to improve model health services.

Shati illustrated the ministry’s interest in the centers and their preparation in Iraq and the endeavor to implement the partnership on various stages.

At the end of the workshop, discussions were opened to come up with a number of recommendations, including enhancing mechanisms of communication and cooperation between hospitals, private specialist centers and relevant departments in the ministry, and expediting the approval of the Health Insurance Law and adopting joint programs within the public and private sector

 The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology held a scientific lecture entitled (doping and food supplements) at Dar Al-Salam hall on Tuesday, 26/11/2019, in the presence of scientific assistant head of the department response on work   Prof.Dr. Adnan Abdul Jabbar Abdul Razzaq and members of the teaching staff and a number of members of the Department and the University.

The lecture was given by Prof.Dr. Mudhaffar Abdullah Shafiq / President of the Iraqi Federation of Sports Medicine / specialty of joints and bones, where he explained how to use steroids and how useful and dangerous to athletes.

At the end of the seminar, certificates of appreciation were distributed by the scientific assistant in charge of conducting the work of the department for the records and the preparatory committee, appreciating the efforts of the lecturers.








The Department of Laser Engineering and Optical Electronics at the University of Technology held a scientific symposium tagged (very short pulsed lasers and their applications) on Sunday 24/11/2019 at the graduate hall in the Department of Laser Engineering and Optical Electronics.

Prof. Khaled Salem Shabib, Head of the Department, delivered a speech during which he explained the axes of the symposium, including the concept and technology of research in very short pulsed lasers, the axis of modern applications in the industrial and medical fields and the axis of methods of generating short and very short pulses in optical fiber lasers.

The symposium included three lectures, the first entitled (the study of the impact of ultra-short laser pulses in the operation of materials) delivered by Prof. Dr. Kadhim Abd Habter  teaching in the section during which dealt with the types of interactions between the pulses of ultra-short laser with various materials, whether metal or semiconductor Dielectric where these reactions are classified into two non-thermal types and reactions that lead to alteration of the precise structure and rapid phase shift.

The second entitled (scientific research and laser technology with short pulses) delivered by Prof.Dr. Ahmad Jiad Kazem reviewed the developments in the field of manufacturing and applications of very short pulsed lasers and the possibilities of scientific research available at the department and the university as well as the presentation of important areas that contribute to the promotion of research on very short pulsed lasers.

And the third on (generation of short and very short pulses in fiber laser) delivered by lec. Heba Hassan Abdullah was introduced the concept of laser fiber laser and its components and stage of development and advantages of its use of low maintenance cost and long life and high efficiency and types of composition and how to generate pulses using certain techniques and the concept of generation Short and very short pulses are clarified.