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Materials Engineering Departmentlecturers obtain a patent for the manufacture and characterization of polymeric mixtures and hybrid Nano composites for use in medical applications

Materials Engineering Department lecturers at UOT, who are( President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan al-Ghabban and, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sehama I. Saleh, Dr. Alia H. Abdul Salam from Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center obtained a patente entitled "Manufacture and Characterization of Polymeric Mixtures and Hybrid Nano composites used in Medical Applications as a Cartilage Substitute in the Articular Surface of the Moving Bones"

The patent included the manufacture of polymeric mixtures and some Nano composites and the production of materials used in medical applications as hybrid materials with a high ability to work in special conditions in the human body, as in the process of replacing cartilage and surfaces separating the bone.

The study indicated opening new horizons for using the referred materials as medical materials manufactured according to specifications required for tissue replacement operations.

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A Lecturer from Materials Engineering Department participates in a ministerial meeting for promotions

The lecturer from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ali H. Atewi participated in the meeting of the Ministerial Promotion Committee chaired by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The promotion of some lecturers working at the headquarters of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry and other ministries was discussed, as well as some instructions on scientific promotions.



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A teacher from the Department of Materials Engineering publishes a research on the effect of adding cerium on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy - 12% silicone

The lecturer from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology, Dr. Raad Suhail Ahmed Adnan published a scientific research entitled:

"The effect of cerium addition on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy - 12% silicone"

"Effect of Cerium Addition on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Al-12%Si Alloys"

The International Journal of Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology in its No. 3 volume for the seventh year of 2019.

The aim of the study is to study the effect of adding Ce cerium element on the mechanical properties of Al-12% Si. Ce cerium element has been added in three different ratios (2%, 4%, 6%), and the alloy has been prepared by plumbing in an induction furnace with an inert argon gas Aragon was poured into a sand mold and then the castings were turned by turning. The following chemical analysis was performed by X Ray Fluorescent (XRF) for alloys and optical microscopy of the microstructure, mechanical test pressure test and Vickers Micro test for hardness done on samples.

The results of the research showed an increase in mechanical properties and a decrease in hardness, and alloys with the addition of 6% of cerium gave the best results in mechanical properties. While the subtle structure showed the silicon bush breaks with the appearance of coarse granules, with a higher percentage of Ce.



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The University of Technology President visits the Continuous Education Center 

The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghabban, University President deputy for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Jawad K.and University President deputy for Administrative, Dr. Abdullah S., visited the Continuous Education Center at the University.

The President of the University met the Director of the Center, Prof. Dr. Farhad Othman, and Dr. Sahira A. Kanbar, where the Director of the Center gave a detailed presentation of the programs and courses implemented by the Center for the benefit a number of state directories and the private sector, in addition to discussing the current reality of the Center and the planned future courses as well Several issues were discussed that elevate the performance of the center in the future and overcome some of the problems that the center suffers from within the authorities of the university.

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University of Technology President visits the High Study Department

University of Technology President Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban and Vice President for Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs Prof. Jawad Kazim Ali visited the High Study Department of the University on Monday 9/12/2019; the UOT president met the department Manager Prof. Dr.Abdulhasan Karamallah who presented the current situation of high study , the number of current students in the UOT Departments and different specialties , and it has been discussed many topics that contributed that promoted high study situation. At the end the President presents his thanks and appreciation for efforts that made by the manger and all employees' Department which secures the performance accuracy and high studies sobriety at the university to enhance their position at the national and global levels.

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