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 The Architecture Department at the University of Technology held a seminar on the role of social networking sites in the development of local architecture at the conference hall in the department, in the presence of the assistant of the head of the department for administrative affairs, Prof.Dr.Abdullah Saadoun and a group of teachers and students.

The symposium included three axes: The first was on the role of social networking sites in architectural education and marketing of architectural products by Prof. Rana Mazen Mahdi, and the second axis on the strategy of activating the role of social networking sites by identifying the most important components of this strategy and its importance in the field of architecture in all its scientific applications And practical and psychological 0 Instructed by Dr. Bilal Samir Ali

  The third axis was about the role of the student in spreading awareness of the use of social networking sites and its impact on activating the role of local architecture by student Yasmin Suhail on the first grade stage.

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Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology and within the program "Ndoti" held a  professional body language workshop in the presence of the Head of Department,Asst.Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hassan  and the administrative and scientific assistants and a number of faculty members and students of the department and university.

 The international trainer Thamer Hassani gave a lecture on the body language and its impact on the behaviors and impressions of the human personality, as well as how to communicate with others.

A set of general guidelines were introduced to enhance communication with others and to form strong bonds through body language.

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Laser and Optical Electronics Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a discussion seminar for postgraduate students and They are Dalia Ahmed, Hala Abdullah , Fatima Saad and Hadeel Jamil. The students were discussed about their completed research and presented several valuable interventions by the attendees, which added usefulness to evaluating the course of some research by offering the precise scientific foundations for important aspects of their research.

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The e-learning committee in Construction and building  Engineering  Department at the University of Technology established an introductory seminar for the students of the first stage on the graduate hall in the department.

  The workshop dealt with the mechanism of activating the official account and how to download lectures and prepare homework through this system.

The lectures were given by Prof. Mustafa Mokhtar and Assis.Lec. Amir Abd Allah

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Within the scientific and cultural activities of the first semester of the Electricity Engineering Department for the academic year 2017-2018, Lect.Dr.Mahmed Jumaa presented a lecture " Introduction to Molecular Beam Epitaxy)) at Dijlah Hall in the presence of the head of the department Assc.Prof.Dr.Dari Yousif and both scientific and administrative deputies and all the faculty.

The seminar dealt with MBE, which is a device used to make semiconductors from detectors, transistors and solar cells. The device consists of three main rooms, the loading room. Conservation room and building room and has very high build ability with pure materials of silicon, zinc, gallium ... etc. The device can be built with ten atomic layers per second with the possibility of watching the construction process directly. The device needs high requirements including continuous uninterrupted feeding and continuous cooling of liquid nitrogen, as well as high purity semiconductor materials that are loaded into the construction cells of the device.

At the end of the seminar, the discussion was opened and the questions and inquiries were answered

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