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The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalil Al-Issa, presented acknowledgment  to the lecturer from the Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology, Prof. Ali Hussein Atwi, in appreciation of his efforts in the development of curricula and the development of engineering departments in government and private colleges. Postgraduate studies.

In appreciation of your efforts in the development of curricula and the development of engineering departments in public and private colleges, as well as the development of postgraduate studies, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for those efforts. We wish you success and success in serving our beloved Iraq.

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Building and Construction Engineering Department  at the University of Technology held a workshop on the course system in the presence of the President of the University of Technology. Prof.Dr.Amin Douai Thamer and Administrative Deputy  Prof.Dr. Sami Abu Alnoun Ajil and Scientific Deputy  Prof. Prof.Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Atieh and Head of Construction and Building  Engineering Department. Prof. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny and a number of Lecturer  of the department.

The President of the University spoke about the result of the development in universities as a result of the transformation of the academic system from the annual system to the system of courses, which called for the establishment of this workshop to discuss the views of the teachers in terms of negatives and positives and ways to make the new system, which will be implemented in our university in the academic year 2019-2020.

The workshop included three lectures: Assis.Dr Ammar Mohammed Hamza talked about the system of courses where it is based on the number of units of study that require the student to complete and success in the level determined by the university as a condition for graduation in any of the sections of science.

The second lecture was delivered by Assis.Dr.Noafl shehab  and The lecture was delivered by Dr. Majeed Khudair, who discussed the principles of the system of courses and the general principles of this system, which came into force in the international academic institutions since several years. Contracts.

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The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics at the University of Technology awarded the Master's Degree to Ahmed Salim Falih for his thesis entitled:

(Manufacture of a gas sensor using the method of laser pulse deposition to detect hydrocarbon gases in the oil industry)

  Fabrication of Gas Sensor Using Pulse Laser Deposition Method for the Hydrocarbon Detection in Petroleum Industry

 The results showed a direct correlation between the temperature of preparation and particle size. Of the results of AFM. It was noted that the amount of roughness increases by increasing the heat of preparation, and also that the thin film structure changes from random to crystalline structure with increasing temperature of preparation. The highest permeability was in the visible region followed by the infrared region.

It can be concluded that the temperature of the membrane preparation at 250 هو is more suitable for giving thin films a high surface area to detect liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and also for producing nanotubes with high electrical conductivity.

The discussion committee was joined by Prof. Dr. Eyad Zouen of the University of Technology as president and president of the research team. Boshra Razzouqi from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Dr. Suad Zaidan from Mustansiriya, members of Dr. Suad Mahmoud and Dr. Khalid Ajami, supervisors of the two technologies.

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 The Architecture Department at the University of Technology held a seminar on the role of social networking sites in the development of local architecture at the conference hall in the department, in the presence of the assistant of the head of the department for administrative affairs, Prof.Dr.Abdullah Saadoun and a group of teachers and students.

The symposium included three axes: The first was on the role of social networking sites in architectural education and marketing of architectural products by Prof. Rana Mazen Mahdi, and the second axis on the strategy of activating the role of social networking sites by identifying the most important components of this strategy and its importance in the field of architecture in all its scientific applications And practical and psychological 0 Instructed by Dr. Bilal Samir Ali

  The third axis was about the role of the student in spreading awareness of the use of social networking sites and its impact on activating the role of local architecture by student Yasmin Suhail on the first grade stage.

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The Center for Continuing Education at the University of Technology held a training course on computer maintenance for the period 13-24 / 5/2018 with the participation of trainees from the state institutions to teach how to maintain the computer in terms of hard ware: finding faults and replacing damaged parts. Soft ware: Installing an operating system and installing other programs .

The curriculum of the course included clarifying the basic components of the computer, clarifying the internal parts of the computer and how to connect and maintain them, as well as clarifying how to "format" the hard drive and installation of the operating system and supporting programs, and explain the installation of the necessary programs for each computer and how to delete them on a regular basis.

He gave lectures at the session. Muhannad Najm Abdul Wahed and Eng. Ali Kamel Ahmed.

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