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The Department of Engineering of Production and Minerals at the University of Technology held a scientific symposium titled (Central Symposium for the Development of Laboratory Testing Devices and its role in raising standards of quality and laboratory accreditation) on Sunday 7/1/2018.

The President of the University, Prof. Amin Douai Thamer, said: "The development of measuring, measuring and standards in all mechanical, chemical, electrical and magnetic fields and other fields has a role in supplying indicators and standards of quality and laboratory accreditation. In addition to what was started by the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals in achieving the goals of the productive university and to achieve its objectives by studying the importance of laboratories and the development of its equipment.

The head of the department, Assist.Prof.  Ali Abar Khalif, said that the symposium aims to raise the performance of scientific laboratories through the application of quality standards correctly, as well as work to identify the correct bases to achieve the best success of laboratory work, and commended the continued support of the President of the University to establish specialized seminars for quality, In the Department of Production and Mineral  Engineering.

The symposium included two sessions headed by Assist.Prof. Mohammed Jassim Kazem, Manager  of the Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research at the University, and Assist.Prof. Adnan Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Tardisi, Department of Production and Mineral  Engineering, as its. The first four lectures were on: Implementation of ISO 17025: 2005in calibration and listing The lecture was delivered by Assist.Prof. Kifaya Abboud Mohammed Al-Saffar from the University Degla College and the second lecture on (the strategic dimensions of the development of laboratory testing devices and its role in raising standards of quality and laboratory accreditation). Abdul Khalek Fawzi manager of Quality Assurance and University Performance Division From the department of production and mineral  engineering at the university and the third on (the importance of standard working procedures SOPs in GLP laboratories) delivered by Assist.Prof.  Jamil Mousa Dhabab of Mustansiriya University College of Science and the fourth and last of (advanced scientific laboratories and leadership and its importance in the quality of engineering education in oil and gas specialties) Dr. Khalid Ajami Sugar Scientific Assistant to the head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology.

The second session was chaired by Assist.Prof. Abdul Khaleq Fawzi and Lect. Muhannad Mohammed. The course included six lectures on "The Role of Laboratory Tests in the Execution of Urban Projects" by Dr. Hassanein Mohammed Hussein, Manager of the Scientific and Engineering Consultancy Office at the University of Technology and the second Assist.Prof.  Saleh Abdel-Reda Al-Bakri, Head of Environmental Techniques Department, Environmental Research Center, University of Technology, and Third of Development of Microscopes, by Assist.Prof.  Aseel Basem Abdul Hussain, Engineering Department, Materials at the Technological University and the fourth on the importance of m The meeting was conducted by Dr. Ahmed Adnan Abdul-Jabbar, Manager  of Quality Assurance and University Performance at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology and the fifth (by Thomson Reuter, Center for Quality Assurance and University Performance in the Department of Communication Engineering Assist.Prof.  Sana Abdelhadi Hafez, Chairman of the Laboratory Accreditation Committee at the Center for Energy Technology and Technology Renewable energies / University of Technology.

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Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Amin Douai Thamer, the Physics Branch of the Department of Applied Sciences at the University in cooperation with the Ministry of Health / Public Health Department organized a seminar entitled "Health Priorities" on Thursday, January 4, 2018 Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sheikh in the presence of the Assistant to the Deputy of Administrative Affairs Dr. Sami Abu Al-Nun Ajeel and the representative of the Ministry of Health Dr. Ragda Dia Sadek Director of Training and Development in the Department of Public Health in the Ministry, and the heads of scientific branches and a number of professors and members of the department.

 The symposium started with a recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran and recitation of Surat Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and then playing the national anthem. The head of the Applied Sciences Department, Assis.Prof. Ali Mutashar, gave a speech about  the health situation in Iraq and how to contribute to educating young people. Health reality in Iraq.

The seminar, which was moderated by Assist.Prof. Saraya Thiab and. Dhaa Saadi of the Department of Applied Sciences, included four lectures: Batul Ali The second lecture dealt with maternal and child health and was given by a doctor of specialization / Board of Medicine of the society of Assist.Prof.  Lajin Kazim Mohammed and the third lecture under the title of immunodeficiency and was given by the doctor of specialization / master of community medicine Assist.Prof.  Najouh Kazem Hamdan The title of the fourth lecture hepatitis And was the dumping of a specialist doctor / master of medicine community Dr. Anwar Noah Ghazala.

There were extensive discussions between the attendees and the lecturers, and the certificates were distributed by the head of the department and the general directors to the lecturers


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The Center for Continuing Education at the University of Technology organized a seminar on the new version of the quality management system with the participation of trainees representing the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the University AL-kafeel.

 The course aims to explain the new qualifications that will be implemented starting in 2018, as well as a study on the scientific application of the requirements of the standard and application requirements.

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         The Department of Petroleum Technology at the University of Technology held a seminar entitled "Summer Training'' on Akkaz Hall on Thursday, 28/12/2017 in the presence of the Head of Department, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Jawad, his assistants, directors of companies, a number of professors and students..

The seminar aimed to determine the extent to which students obtain information during the training and to know the level of training in the different sites and appreciate the seriousness of these sites in the training of students and the delivery of information to them and to identify any problems faced by students during the training and work on the solution later The symposium is a major factor to motivate students to get The information during the training and get suggestions to serve the work of the Committee to facilitate the summer training process either from the participating students or the attendees and compete with the training committees in the various departments of the university

The head of the department, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad said in his speech: The Department of Petroleum Technology used to organize such seminars to highlight the most important benefits to students through summer training and identify the obstacles that limit these benefits in some cases. The task at the Technological University, which is distinguished from the rest of the Iraqi universities as a university tends to the practical side than other universities as well as the existence of the training center and laboratories, which is one of the outstanding centers in the university and is almost the only built on this level of development of equipment and equipment at a high level Guest The Oil Technology Department and the efforts of its Board have been agreed with oil companies that are interested in the jurisdiction and also with some foreign companies such as Schlumberger and Anton Oil.

After that, the projects were presented according to the participating groups. The groups were selected according to the companies they were trained in. One group of three or four students from each company were chosen. They were Mostafa Aziz, Ali Qusay, Abdulla Khaled and Raim Ammar from Iraqi Drilling Company. Yassin Farid, Mohamed Lotfi, Ayat Ghaith and Samna Zaher, Aqeel Mohammed, Nasser Naim from the Central Oil Company, Mohammed Jabbar, Islam Hussain, Zainab Essam from Schlumberger, Musallam Abdul Karim, Kassem Yahia and Ahmad Allawi from the Basra Oil Company. The attendees discussed the students through their training in these companies..

. Then the head of the department distributed the certificates to the participating students.

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The Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology held a scientific symposium titled "e-learning and its role in the development of the educational process" on Thursday 4/1/2018 at the conference hall in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering Department  in the presence of the President of the University of Technology Prof.Dr Amin Douai Thamir  and the administrative affairs deputy  Prof.Dr. Alaa Abdel-Hassan Attieh and heads of department,  Centers Mangers  , university professors and staff.

The President of the University delivered a speech in which he said: I would like to thank the  Electrical Engineering Department for setting up this seminar  about E-learning, and university plans to be a pioneer in this field and these steps started from some departments within the university and we have merged some centers.  Ava Sina Center specialized in this field as well as the Department of Electrical Engineering is also effective in this field, and the importance of E-learning as it became a language in most international universities and that the documentation of things and the development of the act must be from the University of Technology being a specialized university which started in this procedure as a transfer of the responsibility of all the experiences of the world to the university and that the world has become a small village because of the recent developments that could transfer any experience via the Internet.

The head of the electrical engineering department stressed that the continuous work and efforts exerted by the E-learning team in the department and in collaboration with the information technology center and the great support of the university president and the scientific assistant for the achievement of the main objectives which under the vision and mission of the department in achieving international quality standards.

The seminar aimed at introducing the new information technology and benefiting from it in developing the educational process and informing the scientific departments at the university of technology about the experience of the electrical engineering department in applying E-learning and preparing the academic cadres at the university of technology to apply the E-learning skills to improve the traditional teaching methods Google Apps for Education available for free to start an E-learning project at the University  of  Technology.

The symposium included a session chaired by Prof.Dr. Abbas Hussein Issa and its Deputy , Dr. Wissam Hassan Ali. The lecture included a lecture about  e-learning based on the Google Education Platform by Lect. Uday Ali Ahmed, followed by an applied workshop on the use of the Google system for electronic classrooms represented Of the working team: Prof. Abbas Hussain Issa, Assist.Prof. Ivan Abdul Zahra Hashem, Assist.Prof Uday Ali Ahmad, Wessam Ali Hassan, Lect. Hussein Khudair Sayed and Engineer Ali Faris Abdul Latif.


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