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Dr.Mohasen Noori and Dr.QasimAbbas, both lecturers at the mechanical engineering departmet, present a seminar titled (writing scientific researches) at the presence of the department head Asst.Pro.Dr.Mouad Razoqi and the faculty and number of the students.

In the seminar, they focused on how to write a scientific research, such seminars are gerenaraly useful for researchers and especially for high studies students.

The lecture dealt with the structure of the writing of scientific research and the necessity of adhering to this structure. It clarified the main parts of this research and some important information that the researcher should follow to avoid the rejection of his research when presenting it to a scientific journal for the purpose of publishing and how to avoid pilgrim (or scientific theft) as well as how to know fraudulent publishers .

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Monday, 27 November 2017 07:56

Scientific seminar in chemical department

During the chemical engineering department's cultural and scientific activities for the first semester for the academic year 2017-2018, a master student, Enass Mahmood , present a lecture on the effect of micro and nano particles on critical heat flux enhancement in al-khawarizmi hall at the department.

The lecture examined the effect of addition of nanomaterials and microorganisms to distilled water and study the effect of fluid containing these molecules on CHF using (Ni-cr wire heater) and showed an improvement in the use of nano fluid more than (microfluid) also, the study of the nano tube effect on BHT during boiling and there will be a layer on the surface of the heater. The cause or mechanism of this layer is due to the fact that the process of boiling the nanotube leads to evaporation of water and thus lead to the deposition of these nanoparticles on the surface and form a porous layer on the bright Increase the moisture of the surface and the wet ability is measured by measuring the contact angle between the drop of liquid on the surface and the surface of the heater. It was found that the higher the thickness of the deposition layer, the lower the angle between the drop of fluid and the surface and increase the CHF.

























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The Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology held a seminar held by Dr. Qusay Khalid Mohammed in Al-Kindi Hall after returning from the United States to complete his scientific assignment at the State University of New Mexico for his research titled (Damage of the cumulative hills of aluminum alloy 7075 Alumina AL2O3 ).
The study included the use of Stir Casting method to obtain composite material with 0.3%, 0.5% and 0.7% mixing ratios. The experiments showed that 0.3% gave the best results in terms of the mechanical properties of the alloy and the expected age of the mixture.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aviation at the University of Mexico praised the efforts of the researcher and his efforts to make use of the university laboratories and their experience in the field of specialization and promised more future cooperation between their university and the university of technology.
















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Within the scientific and cultural activities for the first semester of the Department of Chemical Engineering Department for the academic year 2017-2018, Prof. assist Dr .Zainab Yousif Shanen presents a seminar on " Solid –polymer –surfactant complexes for enhancing the flow in pipe lines"
On Al Khwarizmi Hall in the department at the presence of the Head of Chemical Engineering Department. Jamal Al-Rubaie and the Scientific Assistant Dr. Khaled Ajami and the administrative Prof. assist Dr.Walaa Abd-Hade Nuri and number of heads of branches, faculty and students. Prof. assist Dr.Zainab explained that the transfer of crude oil or oil derivatives through pipelines for long distances leads to a significant loss of pumping capacity due to resistance to friction inside the tube and the dissipation of pumping capacity in the troubled flow, so it was proposed a modern technology to increase pumping rates through pipelines conveying additives with nanoparticles called" the effect of these additives" on increasing flow rates is of great economic benefit, as it eliminates the need for additional pumping stations or expansion of the conveying pipe network to accommodate the increase in flow rate.













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The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology held a scientific seminar titled "Doctoral Study in the Department of Chemical Engineering: Thirty Years of Tender" on Thursday 26/10/2017 at the Dar Al Salam Hall in the Department.
Dr. Jamal Al-Rubaie, Head of Department, said: "The PhD programs aim at providing the needs of Iraq's human cadres for these scientific degrees specialized in scientific research and development, leading research teams working in various fields and deepening the links between the industry and the university by addressing Industrial problems through the development of chemical engineering sciences in order to keep pace with global progress in this field. The symposium included one session chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fadel Abdel and d. The lecture was delivered by the head of the Department of Petroleum Operations Engineering at the Faculty of the Future University, Prof. Dr.Essam Kamel addressed the conditions that called for the university and the department to develop a doctoral study and the problems facing Search during completion. The second lecture about (the problems of the oil industry and the role of graduate programs in solving them) gave a lecture in which the assistant director general of the company refineries center Dr. Jaber Omran focused on the role of graduate programs of master's and doctorate through research capacity, research excellence and transfer of knowledge to be used in solving the problems facing oil industries.













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