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Electromechanical Engineering Department at UOT holds an online workshop about Free Conference Call entitled (Increasing the efficiency of drones by compatibility of the inertial navigation system (INS) and the global positioning system (GPS)).

The lecture was delivered by Assist. Prof. Dr. Saadi Turid Kurdi.

The workshop dealt with the types and forms of navigation in general, such as air, land and sea navigation, and air navigation is considered one of the most difficult types of navigation because it differs from other types cause there is no signs in the air or residents can asked by the pilot in addition to its high speed and the inability to stop to check the place, thus the matter becomes more difficult, and air navigation is used as a means of transporting passengers and goods as it is used on the military side ,,, through specific air routes and paths that allow its users to pass through those paths that pilots know well and abide by the rules and laws that regulate that Hence the need for broad attention to navigational systems, development and modernization to keep pace with the huge development in aircraft manufacturing technology, especially UAVs, because the practical ability of planes in general, and especially drones, depends mainly on the accuracy, robustness, and potential of complex navigation systems. There are several types of navigational systems that are best at performing the functioning of drones: the INS system and the global positioning system (GPS). In this workshop, the process of compatibility of the two systems to work in drones as one was highlighted without prejudice to the work of each. And take the optimum and the best of each of them.


Electromechanical Engineering Department at UOT held an electronic workshop about (reasons of rejecting publishing engineering and scientific articles in Skopas and Claret) Free Conference Call  

This workshop delivered by Dr. Ali .A Ismail within the scientific activities of the branch of energy and renewable energy engineering in the department.

The workshop included the identification of the most important reasons that prevent the acceptance of the research paper when publishing within the sober international magazines and how to override the reasons to ensure acceptance of the research through assessment by the magazine editor board.


Electrical Engineering Department at UOT held a scientific symposium on "The importance and role of virtual laboratories in developing teaching and learning in universities and institutes" participate the symptom:-

  • Prof. Dr. Hussein h. Noman, Electromechanical Engineering Department / University of Technology

-        Assist. Prof. Dr. Ashwaq Q. Hameed / Electrical Engineering Department / University of Technology

  • Hawra Q. Hameed / Electrical Engineering Department / University of Technology

In this workshop, which presented on April 24, 2020, a new type of practical lab was not touched in all previous workshops called virtual labs, which are the integral part of the theoretical side in the field of e-learning.

Virtual laboratories are considered one of the latest types of international laboratories with high quality and high standard, which is characterized by a very low cost of construction compared to traditional laboratories and with almost the same efficiency as the cost factor is a ruler in establishing any scientific laboratory and the possibility of conducting laboratory experiments from inside or outside the educational institution using Internet networks after entering the user name and password and at a time that suits the learner and without a laboratory supervisor, as well as the ease and lack of the costs of developing and modernizing those laboratories, which have been applied in practice in various sober universities and institutes such as Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America and Aachen the German University that recently launched a program called Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering Sciences with the fourth edition (ELLI) with the support of the German Ministry of Education and Research. As well as the European project called the Virtual Labs Library, in which 11 best European countries participated, to create joint laboratories to enable learners in those countries to use those laboratories mutually, and touched to explain practical examples of virtual laboratories used in some universities and in various scientific and engineering disciplines.


The Rehabilitation and Employment Division represented by its units in the scientific departments held in coordination with the Moon Gate Company an electronic workshop entitled (Social Marketing) on the platform of free conference call andnd with the participation of more than 500 students from the University of Technology and some other universities, on Thursday, 5/14/2020

The concept of social marketing was discussed, what? How is it planned? With examples given on this topic, which is an important type of marketing.

Note that students participating in the workshop will be provided with certificates of participation.


The Department of Electromechanical Engineering held an electronic workshop via the Free Call Conference platform, titled Online Distance Education, its advantages and constraints (applying the Kokl Class Class). Anam Obaid Hassoun and Prof.Dr. Hussein Abdul Aziz Ibrahim and d. Samar Jaafar Ibrahim

The topic of the workshop centered on distance learning and its definition, as it is the process of separating the learner, teacher and book in the education environment, transferring the traditional environment of education from a university or school and others to a multi-geographically separate environment, and talking about its advantages and disadvantages, in addition to addressing the types of e-learning.

The lecturers discussed a very important paragraph of e-learning via distance learning, which is how to become a successful e-teacher, and talked about this paragraph in all its details.

The workshop concluded with a group of the experiences of the professors, and all questions and inquiries were answered.



The Department of Civil Engineering, in cooperation with the Continuous Education Center, held a virtual electronic workshop on The Concept of Using Google Meet on Thursday, 4-16-2020, M.M. Ammar Abdullah Al-Sultan and Prof.Dr. Hussein Abbas Al-Quraishi delivered this lecture.
The focus of this workshop was on three main fields:
1- Google Meet app definition.
2- Make scheduling of lectures and meetings by linking Google Meet and Google Calender.
3- How to link the Google Meet with Google Classroom apps

The lecture included several discussions by the participants and was answered by the lecturers.


Civil Engineering Department at UOT, in cooperation with Continuing Education Center, held a virtual online workshop entitled: (Aerial photography, drones and their applications) On Monday, 11/5/2020 at 9:30 am, the workshop was carried out by:

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Abbas Zidan Khalaf.

- Lect. Tariq Naji Atawi.

-  Lect. Israa Hatem.

This workshop is concerned with the use of drone in various applications as one of the techniques of air surveying in geomatics engineering and with scientific development these drones can carry sensor and high-resolution cameras for the purpose of collecting information in military applications and conducting exploratory and detailed surveys of various engineering projects and civil applications in rugged regions and difficult terrain with high accuracy.

Electromechanical Engineering Department at UOT in cooperation with Continuing Education Center held an electronic workshop (the Free Conference Call platform) delivered by Assist. prof. Dr. Saadi Kurdish, titled “The manufacture of drones - stages and applications”.

 The workshop dealt with the great expansion witnessed by aviation world in the drones field manufacture, due to its simplicity in design and low cost, as the drones manufacture depends in terms of tasks on the type of systems and payloads installed on them, and these loads vary from one plane to another, in general the drones are manufactured with basic systems, perhaps found in all types of drones, such as flight control system (autopilot), air navigation systems and communication system with ground stations.

Modern technology has contributed to reducing the weights of these systems and thus has resulted in the manufacture of small drones that are low-cost, more efficient, and diverse in the payloads installed on them, and also one of the things that led to the success of these drones is the technology of their manufacture.


Electromechanical Engineering Department at UOT in cooperation with Continuing Education Center held an electronic workshop about “how to create an electronic class and exam management on Google Classroom platform, delivered by Assist. Prof. Dr. Aseel Abdul Baqi Abdul Razzaq.

Through the workshop, samples of electronic classes were worked out, and the method of assigning tasks to students in easy and simple, then how to delete unwanted classes in the event of any error in creating any electronic class in an easy and simple way that allows the lecturer to handle and avoid mistakes in these classes and arrange them as comfortable for him.

And there were interventions by the lecturers whom presence the workshop, then this electronic lecture was uploaded to YouTube to get benefit from it for could not attend or participate in this workshop.


  Petroleum Technology Department held a workshop entitled: (Analytical Chemistry Laboratory) delivered by Dr. Muayad Mohamed Hassan and Lect. Rana Abbas in the chemistry lab in the presence number of employees and lecturers.

The lecture included giving the basic principles analytical chemistry theories, laws and practical experiments and applying the basic principles of laboratory safety during the preparation of standard and initial solutions and that to inform the laboratory staff and get benefit from them.


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