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Thursday, 13 February 2020 10:05

The Petroleum Technology Department holds a scientific symposium on (associated gas - its investment and its environmental impacts)

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Under the auspices of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan al-Ghabban and the supervision of the head of the dep. Fadel Sarhan Kazem, Department of Petroleum Technology held a scientific symposium (Associated Gas - Its Investment and its Environmental Effects) on Wednesday 5/2/2020 on the conference hall in the presence of the President of the University Ahmed Mohamed Hassan al-Ghabban and the scientific assistant Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdel-Hussein And Director General of the Training and Development Department at the Ministry of Oil, Mr. Ali Ward, General Director of the Oil Research and Development Center, Professor Hilal Ali Ismail, President of Basra Oil and Gas University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hillil Hafiz, General Director of the Petroleum Exploration Company, Mr. Nashwan Muhammad Nuri, and Director of the Oil and Gas Research Center / Center for Oil Research and Development Professor Star Jalil Hussein and General Director of the Department of Reserves and Field Development d. Muhammad Abd al-Mazal al-Obeidi, several heads of scientific departments, university professors, and employees of many ministries and researchers.

The symposium aimed to shed light on the importance of associated gas, its environmental risks and modern methods of treatment to reduce its environmental impacts and the future of its investment in Iraqi oil sites because of its national wealth. 

The symposium started with the national anthem and verses from the Holly Quran followed by a speech by the department head who praised the importance of this symposium. Anwar Nazim Muhammad Ali, as it included three axes: associated gas production operations in Iraqi fields, investment of associated gas, and treatment of waste and environmental impacts of associated gas. The lectures gave both: a. Student Muhammad Nayef and MD. Khaled Ajami Sukkar / Chemical Engineering Department - University of Technology and Director of the Department of Environment Dr. Haider Hassan Alwan / Ministry of Oil - Al-Wasat Refineries Company - Al-Dora Refinery.

In conclusion, the recommendations that came out of the symposium were submitted to the university presidency for the purpose of discussing and implementing them, after which the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sarhan, honored the lecturers, the president and the course chairperson, and the members of the scientific, preparatory and honorary committees with an appreciation certificate, as an appreciation of their supportive and fruitful efforts.




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