A Symposium  Nanotechnology Applications in Oil Projects


Nanotechnology and advanced Materials Research Center has held a scientific symposium tagged as " Nanotechnology Applications in oil projects" on Thursday 12/1/2017.

The workshop has been attended by each of the university President Prof. Dr. Amen Daway Thamer), the Administrative Assistant of the president ( Dr. Sami Abul Noon Ajeel) and number of the heads of the engineering and scientific departments, the managers of the centers and directorates, representatives of oil companies in the Ministry of Oil and Professors of Iraqi Universities.

The symposium has been headed by (Prof. Dr.Abdulhassan A. Karamallah) and (Dr. Azhar Jabar Kadhum Bohan/ she was a rapporteur  in the symposium ).

The lecture has been held By  Dr. Yousif Jawad Kadhum from the Directorate of Training and Development in The Ministry of Oil. He discussed the necessity of Nanotechnology in different Units in Oil Refineries.

The second lecture was presented by Dr. Alyaa Hussein Salam / Head of Advanced Materials Department in the Center. The lecture was tagged as " Protection of Pipes and Oil Tanks by Using Nano Techniques" . she discussed through using Nanotechnology and Nano materials in coating  tanks and pipes and reducing the corrosion in oil institutions.



Source : Media of Department

Date of publication :2017\3\28