Website team


          Our efforts to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of computer software and contribute effectively to improve performance and service center and the university , through several activities , most notably : -
1 - The development and modernization of the website of the Center for Energy Technology and renewable energies.
2 - Design and implementation of specialized programs as needed.
3 - make all electronic correspondence .
4 - Enter the computer and various programs in the simulation and development projects assigned to the status of energy technology and renewable energies.
5 - Do the overall maintenance of electronic devices in the Center for Energy Technology and renewable energies.
6 - Work on Time online service for all employees of the center.
7 - to communicate with the Center for Information and Communication Technology and the computer center at the university for the purposes of development, and work to the principle of team spirit Service for our university beloved .
8 - active participation in various competitions and scientific forums . 


Website team

Dr. Jaafar Ali Kadhum Al-Anbary

Head of Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center Supervision [email protected]
Eng. Waleed Khalid Hussein web-site development Designing & Implementing [email protected]
Msc. Control Eng. Roshen Tariq Ahmad Hamdi Web-site administration Managing [email protected]

has been working to re-design the site on 10 \ 2 \ 2013

Worked to update the site to be standardized frame design on University web site on 09/10/2014