Participating a number of center lecturers in a working workshop for Research and Development Dept.


By sponsoring of the minister of higher education and scientific research respected Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak AL-Essa and under the slogan 

Renewable Energies Innovation and Creation

Department of research and development held a working workshop on Thursday 9/March/2017 at the roominess of Technology University titled

 Renewable Energies Promised Applications in Iraq

A number of the center lecturers took part in the activities of this workshop by giving two lecturers, the first lecture was given by Dr. Raid Salih Jawad titled

The Application of Renewable Energy in the Purification of Water in Iraq

while the second was given by Dr. Jaafar Ali Khadim titled

Future of Wind Energy in Iraq and its Applications

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanaa A. Hafidh was a member of the preparatory committee while Dr. Mahdi A. Abdul-Hussain was the rapporteur of the first lecture and the rapporteur of the second lecture was lect. Slafa I. Ibrahim.






Ref. Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center