A number of the center lecturers participate in an international conference for the Federation of Arab Engineers 



A number of the Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center lecturers participate in the 16th scientific conference and the 2nd conference for Structure and Construction Engineering which conducted by Federation Arab Engineers with cooperation of Iraqi Engineers Union and Al-Mansour University College.

 The conference title was

Modern Construction Technique as a means of Reconstruction

The conference take place at Melia Hotel from 25-26/3/2017

Asst. Prof. Sanaa Abdul Hadi Hafidh presented two papers titled:

  1. Effect of natural conditions on the mechanical properties of concrete exposed to oil products.

  2. Development of modern construction material to provide solar get healthy economical construction.

The participate members are:

  1. Asst. Prof. Sanaa Abdul hadi Hafidh.

  2. Lect. Dr. Raied Salih Jawad.

  3. Lect. Eman Ali Ehsan Sheet.

  4. Lect. Slafa Ismael Ibrahim.

  5. Asst. Lect. Wahab Khudair Ahmed.

  6. Eng. Maytham Tariq Mahdi.


Ref. Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center