Activities 2016-2017 Back
Certificate of accreditation of the laboratories of the Environmental Research Center
Members of the ERC Accreditation Committee of the attended "Validation Test Methods" course
Two training courses in the management of chemical stores
Scientific symposium
ERC completed laboratory hardware encoding scheme
ERC participates in GLP program
Seminar Radioisotope Applications in Agriculture and Food
 Seminar for Smoking
Environmental Research Center evaluates a symposium on the culture of health and sustainable wealth for generations to come
A metrology team from COSQC calibrated ERC Metrologic devices
The University of Technology held a Scientific Symposium titled "The role of the university to the development of the Iraqi marshes"
Participated Assistant lecture Rana Hussein Nasser
A Committee of Laboratory Accreditation, COSQC visited ERC
Seminar "Environmental Management according to ISO-14001"

Investment of the Wind Energy in Iraq

Seminar No. 8“Biogas Production for countryside Sustainability “

International Certificate
Scientific cooperation
The Geography and Importance of Iraqi Marshlands as a world Heritage Site
Solid Residues, Streets dust and their potential impact on the urban environment and the public health
Examined of higher diploma students in EIA projects  
sugars and sustainable health consumption