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Radioisotope Applications in Agriculture and Food

Radioisotopes are being widely used in the field of agriculture than in any other field of science and their application is leading us to the solution of many agriculture problems in a shorter time and more precisely. Thus, radioisotopes have become a very important aid to scientists dealing with the solution of agricultural problems. In addition to this, radioactive tracers and radiation sources have become indispensable to all the intricate agricultural research problems. Radioisotopes and radiations give us the chance to clear the events that once were mysterious in the nutrition and growth of plants and evolution of new crop varieties. They help us to clear the casual factors, which produce ill-effects to the plants in different ways.

In agriculture, radioisotopes are used in the nutritional studies of major and minor elements, milk production, mechanism of photosynthesis studies. Plant protection, plant pathology, action of insecticides, uptake of fertilizers, ions mobility in soil, and plants and food preservation. In order to determine the correct nutrition for a plant we need to know the exact soil plant relationship and the factors involved therein.