Visit by a delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Delegation of the University of Kufa
1. A delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / device supervising scientific / Department dormitories Affairs and Calendar inspection visit to the Department of the Interior departments and buildings for the students of male and female dormitories to see and inspect the buildings and the readiness of the dormitories, and was accompanied by the delegation, Dr. Abdul Jabbar rainy Ahmed / director Sectional Division Interior
2. A delegation from the University of Kufa, visit the Department of the Interior sections Affairs and by the book University No. ASHA / 27601 on 11.11.2014 and the delegation toured the Department of dormitories and buildings for the department for internal students for achievements in the dormitories and the transfer of expertise and business processes and mechanism the work of the Interior departments to their university, the delegation was accompanied by Dr. Abdul Jabbar Ahmed rainy / director dormitories section.