About the Department

Founded internal departments in 1975 as a small unit receives students outside Baghdad and other provinces and provide them with housing near the university and passed the circumstances may be stuttering, slow and took the prosperity and development after 2003 and began building prepared growing, to accommodate students bulge enormous, and saw sometimes more prosperous in recent years from the buildings numbered (9) sections for students, and (2) a section for students and good specifications of (furniture and accessories modern and high-quality generators and high card and hours of operation more) and become includes people and units more as comprising (Director, associate 2, Division calculations, the Division of Administrative and Legal Division of maintenance and services, the Division of educational and psychological counseling, Unit Internet, engineering unit, and the unit stores, unit supervision and follow-up, the unit housing) and the addition of a large number of artisans and service workers for cleanliness within departments and maintenance by electricians and health and solving problems through educational and psychological counseling, and follow-up problems and other things Using the unit and follow-up services unit and all the efforts of philanthropists in the section of Mr. Director and assistants and officials and all the people associate for the advancement of departmental, university and Iraq.