Department activities

In light of the reality of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and passed by the country of the circumstances, we find that the time has come to harness all efforts and energies possible in order to upgrade this fact, depending on the vital role of the Division of interior partitions in the advancement of shades of different sectors of the community by contributing actors in building a knowledge society and the consolidation of the foundations supporting the respect for science and scientists, on the basis of our values ​​and principles derived from the cultural heritage of our Arab and Islamic world. For the sake of the leadership of the educational process and service in our university that the amount Directorate all joints and cadres working in it to the level of ambition to keep pace with the progress made globally to reach the edges of science and knowledge, has adopted Directorate in the current strategy a range of orientations and objectives for the advancement of where work through the confirmation of the importance of achieving ((sustained communication between those who work and students)) and activation ((working principles mail)) and the strengthening of ((quality requirements at work)) according to standards consistent with the quality standards.
Based on the foregoing, including the current strategic business plan executive purposeful implemented during the years (2010 - 2013), within the timetable identifies business activities and those responsible for the implementation of all the work, and time for implementation in the light of the indicators and the expected results.
Take the strategy into account to provide all guarantees for students beneficiaries of the Services Directorate supplies a decent life for the current and future, and in line with the objectives of the university and plans, with the aim of access to qualified graduates to serve the country and its citizens, by selecting the work required to provide a suitable environment for this development, and according to the principles derived philosophy of ministry and vision.


The objectives of Section

Departments of Interior Department aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.taufer ideal atmosphere for students of interior partitions of buildings on the high level of sophistication and technology.

2. insurance staffs qualified academically and scientifically and administratively to do administrative work and calculations, and service departments in the Department of the Interior.

3. Secure storage and furniture and equipment for the students, as well as refrigeration and heating by the storekeeper and provide all the supplies.

4.tamen work and maintenance of electrical appliances, and health and other cleaning services.

5. provide the necessary protection for the students of internal departments (students and scholars).

6. secure sections and make them habitable and distribution of students according to the instructions and guidance in terms of the stage and the scientific section, and be intimate with the buildings of the university, and buildings within the university as a residence for female students.

7 address the problems of housing and the problems experienced by students by supervisors and observers and under the direct supervision of thermoplastic and Associate Director, and by raising direct reports and provide advice by members of the relevant section. And ways to develop and use modern methods in solving problems as well as the use of scientific professions related to the terms of reference and the Angels attributed to the department.

8 in finding ways to cope with the problems faced by the department and in accordance with the requirements of economic development and scientific.

Section 9 upgrade buildings and its subsidiaries in accordance with the qualifications and keep pace with the technological development in line and need internal departments.

10. accommodate the largest number of students accommodated for each academic year, including suit and carrying capacity of the internal partitions.