The department includes the Angels set out below:

Director: is responsible for managing the affairs of the Department of Dormitories and supervision of Student Affairs, residential and service their needs and solving all the problems incumbent Dr Abdul Jabbar Ahmed aviary.

Associate for Student Affairs: Follow all matters relating to students, and as representative of the Director in certain cases.

Associate for Student Affairs: Supervision of Student Affairs and residential service and their needs and solving all the problems.

Secretarial: responsible for the reception of guests and visitors and be a link between Mr. and Mr. Associate Director and the rest of the associate and students.

Division calculations, which will be linked to Mr. Director and actions by:

1 preparation and organization of imprest

2-organizing accounting records (Daily Record; record secretariats. ........... Etc.)

3 rental buildings leased from the private sector for housing students and organizing exchange transactions have

4 employees' salaries and related additions of upgrades and bonuses .... etc.

5 Fund and the belongings of the statements and reconciliations

6 budget allocated to the departments of the Interior and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

7 transaction processing, bonds and instruments maintenance work in the Dormitories

8 Send the amounts obtained from the scientific departments and consulting firm to fund support Dormitories in the ministry

9 settlement advances and the follow-up audit

10 collectible housing allowance of students from Dormitories in order to send it to fund Dormitories in the ministry

11 Send computational transactions and records to the audit unit in the presidency of the university.


Division administrative and legal consists of individuals and Statistics Division and several administrative functions and work and in order to shed light on these tasks will be to give a brief summary of what all the ramifications of the unit, as follows: -

1 incoming and outgoing: organize incoming mail daily and abroad through several records intended for this purpose, and this is also working with special programs in electronic calculators for archiving books.

2 files: Remember all administrative orders and university and all of the owners regard Mounzben contracts and daily wages in Odhaberhm personal binders and then the process of archiving and organization on an ongoing basis.

3 individuals: work everything related Mounzben of correspondences to the presidency of the university, ministries and raise their own requests associate with regard Bagheiabat vacations and job titles appoint them and purchasing committees and commissions of the generators.

Census 4: preparation for entering all the data and prepare Mounzben databases complete and you send periodically to the relevant authorities.

5. conservation: Save all university administrative orders and circulars and everything related to the department from filing a special stomach her​​.

6 Printing: Print all official books and records and administrative orders, committees and wrote kerosene and achievements of departments and courses and books all incoming and outgoing calls to and from the Office of the President and to the departments and institutions.

  7-unit store: responsible for the process of storing all the furniture and cleaning materials and electrical and plumbing materials and tools generators belonging to the internal partitions and distributed according to the needs of each section of the furniture and cleaning materials and other supplies.

  8-unit calculator: is responsible for processing Dormitories internet service day and night and maintenance in the event of a technical malfunction in the system to provide the necessary information for students and to help them in the conduct of scientific research and maintenance of computers and printers for the department.

   9-legal unit. The unit recently introduced as an organization concerned with legal matters and follow-up of leases, as well as the problems of the students within the departments and inquiries made ​​by the associate and a statement of opinion in some legal matters.

10-Electronic Archiving: Archiving the official books and stored in the calculator and archiving binders own Mounzben electronically.

11-Unit Transport is disabled for the time being.

12 units of housing: introduced newly They Responsible for the direct reception of students for the purpose of completing transactions housing of their own at the start of the academic year in addition to the receipt of the findings in housing for students and organize filing housing them and issuing commands housing and temporary and permanent upon completion of all required documents and issuing identities housing in Forums Interior annually and organize lists of names of the students and the inclusion of all the information in the records of the student organization and archiving electronically for the purpose of maintaining and sustaining and continuously updated during the school year and the issuance of clearance for the students at the end of the school year.

   Unit supervision and follow-up: introduced a newly updated and tasked with following up the presence of supervising the morning and evening and supervise the maintenance work inside sections in addition to follow-up matters generators and provide them with kerosene and fat and follow the work of cleaning and the provision of water in the reservoirs in addition to processing all Dormitories to the needs of furniture and lift the sheets daily for maintenance electrical and plumbing, carpentry and follow-up rehabilitation and follow-up dye sections and student attendance day of the sections and the follow-up and provide for the needs of students and address the problems in the dormitories facilitate the process of students within the Housing Departments

   The engineering unit: introduced a newly updated and its mission to prepare statements and schedules amounts to the needs of Dormitories for the realization of the (maintenance and rehabilitation of processing) and supervise the work carried out in the Departments of the Interior and the follow-up buildings and suitability for the accommodation of students, as well as the implementation of business that can not be on the Division of Maintenance completed.


Division of Maintenance and services: the heart of Section pulsating They are the lifeblood of what the nature of the work of this Division of the privacy of being primarily responsible for the perpetuation of divisions and the continuation of the services provided to students that dwell therein as it is the Unknown Soldier Per enjoyed by our students dear from welfare to live under the roof of their second home from service Internet, electricity and health workers all his contact with any service provided within their departments of Interior. Which constitute the Division vast majority of employees of the department in terms of engineers, technicians and craftsmen skilled and who is their responsibilities completion of work orders for the rooms and apartments and buildings departments all ranging from 250 to 500 work per month distributed between electrical and plumbing and the Internet, generators, carpentry and blacksmithing and maintenance of cooling and maintenance of washing machines, and follow-up of the units belonging to the Department of Dormitories its role as a mediator between Dormitories and supervisors in coordination with senior management and other units and field visits for internal partitions to stand intact and during which the preview field sections, and inspection records of the work done and identify the most important problems related to Basahaat and electrical appliances. ..... etc.. And check the work of the generators through a working group of the Commission on generators, audit completion rates of work orders for the maintenance sections, and the electrical services, health and other works belonging to a unit maintenance.

Division of educational and psychological counseling:

    Is one of the important people in their work and gradually, which needs time to study and solve interesting problems and studied in a scientific manner and develop appropriate solutions and the results show clearly where all the work is divided into two sections in the Division:

- Activity Chapter One

- Activity Chapter II

  In each semester, complete a range of activities and sent to the ministry in the form of a brochure that includes (Research number 2, and completed this research in collaboration with one of the doctors from the University of Baghdad, lectures number 4, two of them for supervisors and supervisors working in the Departments of the Interior, and two of the male and female students who lived in the sections, sports activities, art and literature through the organization of the Football League the private students of Dormitories and through the organization of the festival hair and exhibition fee to encourage students to artistic creativity, literary and sports, preparing bulletins variety with 10 per semester includes a variety of topics of educational, social, literary, scientific, organize competitions to encourage students to pay attention to the cleanliness of sections and comply with the instructions issued by the ministry and the section winners and reward students through the organization of religious and tourist trips)

In addition to constant visits to the departments of the Interior before the leader and guiding educational and follow-up of students and their problems and solve them in ways appropriate educational, organizing and follow-up records of the problems of the students and they are divided on the SAS Mtafvin and Mhxan and high achievers.