Department logo

The logo section several codes are divided as follows: -

1 mediates the logo from the back building department internal affairs sections which wrote above (Section internal departments), which represents the student housing the university's technology.
2 mediates the logo in the foreground symbol of the person Rafe Jib glory in his study has discoloration colors of the Iraqi flag represented all spectrums of the Iraqi people honor afford Technological University secretariats in her neck.
3 logo surrounded by internal departments Sarahi University scientists from the left and right are represented, including offering the Technological University of the parish of scientific and cultural student graduating to the Iraqi mission carries scientific community to build a bright future for the country.
4 surrounded by a circle logo represents the heavenly sky country, which is inscribed with the name of the University of Technology and the name of the Department of the Interior sections of Tknon beacon of Iraqi student in his choice and his future.