Dormitories at the University of Technology

It is no secret that if you want to succeed in your business and achieve the goals set by Notably, the Department of the dormitories of all cadres according to the mechanics of organization by the Director of the Department of the dormitories and the rest of those responsible for the divisions and units according to a rapid timetable for completion, problem solving and business assigned to the staff whether was an administrative, artistic or a service in order to progress and development with the requirements of the modern era to achieve the goals and the application of laws and regulations that provide adequate housing for the student away from the problems of educational, psychological and social problems related inputs necessary to live a good and which provides psychological comfort for the student to provide efficient scientific higher standard to serve the community and the nation The department seeks internal departments to achieve the following objectives:

1.taufer ideal atmosphere for students of interior partitions of buildings on the high level of sophistication and technology.
2. insurance staffs qualified academically and scientifically and administratively to do administrative work and calculations, and service departments in the Department of the Interior.
3. Secure storage and furniture and equipment for the students, as well as refrigeration and heating by the storekeeper and provide all the supplies.
4.tamen work and maintenance of electrical appliances, and health and other cleaning services.
5. provide the necessary protection for the students of internal departments (students and scholars).
6. secure sections and make them habitable and distribution of students according to the instructions and guidance in terms of the stage and the scientific section, and be intimate with the buildings of the university, and buildings within the university as a residence for female students.
7 address the problems of housing and the problems experienced by students by supervisors and observers and under the direct supervision of the Director of thermoplastic and collaborators, and by raising direct reports and provide advice by members of the relevant section. And ways to develop and use modern methods in solving problems as well as the use of scientific professions related to the terms of reference and the Angels attributed to the department.
8 in finding ways to cope with the problems faced by the department and in accordance with the requirements of economic development and scientific.
Section 9 upgrade buildings and its subsidiaries in accordance with the qualifications and keep pace with the technological development in line and need internal departments.
10. develop plans to accommodate the largest number of students for each academic year, housed in line and the capacity of the internal partitions.


Buildings, dormitories

First, the students architectures: a section (No. 6,1) and is located within the university and under the supervision of Associate Student Affairs and a number of supervisors, and the Badamtha number of service staff, and provides protection to her by a number of members of the protection, and every building is composed of a number of the rooms are equipped with four captured and air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and furniture, as well as containing bathrooms and kitchens and the building consists of four floors. As has been the introduction of a hall for access to the Internet within the department have been processed fully to provide Internet service and the clock was housed 139 students in the inner section (1) and 328 students in the inner section (6) has been causing a new building to section (6) accommodate (29 students), where equipped with all the supplies, furniture and maintenance and painted and attached to the department.

Second: Buildings students: a number of sections bearing the following numbers (2.3, 4, 5.7, 8, 9.10) and outside the university and under the supervision of Associate Student Affairs and a number of supervisors, and the Badamtha number of personnel services, provides protect them and the clock a number of protection personnel distributed by 6 members of each department, and each composed building of a number of rooms are equipped with large and refrigeration and air-conditioning and furniture, as well as containing bathrooms and kitchens, each consisting of a building from a number of floors were also praise God provide lines of Internet service for all apartments and all internal departments in order for all of our students who lived in the Departments of Interior to enjoy and benefit from this service free of charge 0 has been replaced by a building section 5 a building a new accommodate 194 students have been replaced by a building section 9 a building a new accommodate 204 students .).

From the above we note that the majority of the buildings occupied by the department as residence dear to our students is a privately owned and rented the section except sections are owned by the students of the University.