Achievements dormitories

Achievements in the academic year 2014 -2015

1-been housing all students in the provincial university where he was organizing binders for each student and provide the student's identity, especially created within the department in the Division of Housing and specifications very good used for the purposes of access to the Department of Internal just where they were discriminated students each section for last-colored identity they own

2-was to provide adequate housing for students through the perpetuation of the buildings and all internal departments that maintenance of health workers and distribution of electrical appliances as well as all the requirements of the housing

3-ending summer campaign overall sons dormitories during the summer holidays, which started on 07/06/2014, which include aspects (electrical, health workers, generators, inventory and maintenance of the family), for all the dormitories and make it suitable for the accommodation of the students at the beginning of the new academic year.

4-rehabilitation, maintenance and complete all the work that belong to the new building attached to Baks students (No. 6) to be ready to accommodate students in the new academic year.

5-updated website of the Department of the Interior sections through the Internet unit pertaining to the department and to start to register by mail electronic form.

6 is equipped with fuel (kerosene) for the generators during the summer campaign for the completion of electrical and health workers for all sections.

7 are all divisions and units Department providing achievements made ​​by all the people, and on a monthly basis and submit them to the ministry and kept in the archive Department.

8-periodic meetings between the Director of the dormitories and officials of divisions and units and the administrators and supervisors dormitories to discuss problems and developments for the development of solutions and appropriate proposals as soon as possible.

9 Mr director of the dormitories to meet with students in the event of a problem or an emergency, and the formation of committees to scrutinize the auditing and solve problems and guidance and counseling students to stay away from problems and do not recur in the future

10 new buildings have been rented (number 2) and rehabilitation and processing inputs necessary to accommodate students

11 - to organize a campaign rehabilitation and maintenance of the cooling devices in all the dormitories for the coming summer.

12 Preparation Research Division in educational and psychological counseling for the study of the problems faced by students dormitories by (2 search).

13. database update staff.

14. organize and regular follow-up vacations for employees through the work card for each employee.

15-coordination with the Media Unit at the university and sending the activities and achievements of departmental internal periodically.

16-to form a committee of employees to oversee housing and complete clearance for students and their own inventory of rooms in the dormitories all in coordination with the Division of Computational fined students abusers pre-requisites Department by providing them connect.

17-With the advent of exam season the second round Bader, director of the dormitories and his assistant Bzaart night with the unit up and responsible maintenance, cooling and official Alkhvarat of internal partitions, all on an ongoing basis to determine the needs of the Department, home to students of the second round (section 8).

18-Take a tour of a comprehensive dormitories all by engineering unit for the buildings and the needs of rehabilitation and maintenance.

There are some proposals could be set up in the future

Proposals and recommendations

1-open courses in different jurisdiction (electricity, health workers, to run generators, carpentry, blacksmith) which relates to the Maintenance Division to follow developments in this area.

2-open training sessions for mentors educators (psychology, meeting, Ershad) to follow the developments in psychological science, health and education.

3-provide us with inferiority winning cadres all so as to increase the number of buildings for the departments of Interior and singled out the terms of reference psychology and sociology and technical disciplines and administrative, electricity, health workers and supervisors responsible for buildings sections (morning, evening), and cadres of services and to encourage those who have the desire to complete the study, the Supreme

4-publication of research carried out in the Division of educational and psychological counseling in magazines certified ambulance trusts and the death of efforts in completing this research

5-opening special courses accountant unified system for computational Division.

6-fill the shortfall of qualified cadre management and administrative matters of the organization's achievements and requests for application forms and organize the records of the Division of Maintenance and providing functional degrees of internal partitions