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Services of the registration unit




:-Follow this steps to get the graduation certificate


1- Fill the form for certificate(Download the file in form of Microsoft office file, press her)  


2- Bring the required documents as follow:-



A-    Colored picture with white background.

B-    Photo copy of passport (in case of English certificate).

C-    Invoice for certificate (it Pay to the financial unit in the department).


Announcement: - all department students both for morning and evening study must submit CD contains the fourth necessary documents.


Announcement for new students:-

1-      Certificate of secondary school both original copy and 3 photo copy.

2-      3 photo copy of the fourth necessary documents both for student and his father.

3-      Original copy+ 2 photo copy of Medical test.

4-      6 personal colored pictures with white background.

5-      The school card (student bring missing document to emphasis that, if card is not in the school).

6-      Green file with iron handle.

7-      Legal warrant (in case need it).

8-      Student must do healthy fitness inside the department by specific Committee.

9-      The student takes distribution form to choose the branch according to his grade.

10-  The student must put all above required documents in CD.