Applying for postgraduate Studies for the academic year 2015-2016



1- Applying date and deadline:

Applying Date: Sunday the 28th of June 2015

Deadline: Thursday the 30th of July 2015

2- Verification:

Sunday the 2nd of August 2015 to Thursday the 6th of August 2015

3- Competitive Exam

Thursday the 13th of August 2015

4-Announcement of Competitive Exam Results:

Tuesday the 18th of August 2015

5- Objections:

Wednesday the 19th of August 2015 to 20th of August 2015

6- Computer and Language Proficiency Exam Dates:

Sunday the 23rd of August 2015 to 27th of August 2015



1- The application form has to be electronically filled and submitted then a photocopy of the electronic application has to be printed.

2- The printed copy of the electronic application form has to be clearly saved as it will allow the applicants to make his\her computer and language proficiency exam.