Prof.Dr.Mohammed Abd Alwhab Minshid
Head of Department

Engineering Division was established laser and opto-electronics in the academic year 2004 - 2005 to continue to work for the scientific goals envisaged it.  And to start scientific studies in engineering at the university where admitted to this section as section on 05/05/2004 It is worth mentioning section includes a group of professors who specialize in this area of the graduates of universities in the world and Iraq and also includes science laboratories, modern and advanced students serve the initial studies and higher for sub-Engineering the laser and the branch of engineering, optoelectronics, which constitute the scientific department, and as a result of developments in scientific and engineering enormous that have occurred in the last two decades in various aspects of science and the entry of Sciences Engineering lasers and opto-electronics as a vital element in the disciplines and applications of many other of those sciences, which necessitated in light of this, is to evolve preparation of engineering cadres developed capable of designing and building lasers and opto-electronics and which can deal with these modern techniques to cover staff graduate from this section of broad sectors of the work in the field of engineering work in the country side the public sector and private sector such as transport and communications sector, industry and agriculture and health, universities and research centers (for the public sector) and public clinics and private hospitals that use lasers in the diagnosis and treatment