Master Students Seminars / Research stage, Electronic Engineering



Master Students Seminars / Research stage, Electronic Engineering


As part of the post graduation activities of the year 2014-2015; the post graduation seminars of the master students was occurred for the Electronic engineering specialty.

These seminars are the first in this term, and will be organized every 6 months. The seminars occurred in Al-Rafidain Hall for the following students:


1-       Amir Hussain Ali

2-       Mustafa Abdul Hussain Habter

3-       Intisar Najm Aldeen Abd

4-       Assel Hatem Kitan

5-       Muhammed Hadi Hassan

6-       Musab Hassan Ali

7-       Said Riza Said

And the supervision committee was:


1-       Dr. Hadi Tarish Zaboon

2-       Dr. Hanan Abdul Ridha Agar

3-       Dr. Thamir Rasheed Said

4-      Dr. Mahmoud Hamza Muhammed


When the studentsí research achievements represented and inspected by the committee members to insure the best outcomes. The seminars were attended by number of Elecrtonic Engineering teachers and students.