contests and celebrations  2014  

The department's contests and celebrations  for the academic year 2014


Title / Poetry , Music Theater's Texts in a Big Festival Celebrating the 39th Memory of Establishing the University. 

Date: 16/04/2014

      Celebrating the university day and within the department activities in this dearest occasion a poetry –music festival had been held in the conference hall in the presence of Mr.(Rayan Salem) a consultant in national reconciliation commission in the prime minister office ,sponsorship by the head of the department Dr. Azad Raheem and the presence of the administrative deputy Dr.Mohammed Yousif , the supervisor  of the students was Dr.Hazem Ibraheem the head of the control Branch , several poems and musical sections presented  by students most of it from the Iraqi heritage inherent ,the students were from several different departments of the university, the head of the department mentioned that despite the fact that the university is of a  scientific interest but that never prevent the students from showing their hobbies and interests in other aspects like art  due to the great interaction between the university presidency and the head of the department from one side and the students from the other letting the student serve his community and beloved country  from different aspects.
      The festival was highly organized and characterized by  conscious commitment from everybody. In the end the generous guest and the head of the department presented memorial gifts to the students and all of them took a group photo in order to remember this great day and the men of the future  also to remember the day that this great university was established wishing it more lofty progress and sophisticated future in its 39th memorial establishment. Congratulation to our university presidency this  great event that took place in this  period of Golden Covenant of the university.