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The department sporting and physical activities 2014


Title / The department held a workshop in cooperates with the Department of Physical Education about fitness and the right nutrition's and its effect on the general health.

Date: 23/3/2014

      The department held a workshop in cooperate  with the Department of Physical Education and the art activity in the university titled as " fitness , the right nutrition's and its effect on the general health. "the lecture was submitted by Dr. Mudhafer abdallah the brother of the Arabic - Iraqi sport medicine union's  president at Sunday the 23 th of march 2014 in the conference hall in the department in the presence of the respected  university 's president Dr.Ameen  Daway Thamer and the respected administrative deputy Dr.Sami Waheed and the respected head of the department Dr.Azad Rheem Kareem , the manager of the Physical Education department and its employees and a number of the deputies of the head of the departments and a number of other department staff and students .

      In the beginning the president and during his speech appreciated those who conduct this workshop despite the fact that it's subject is a little far from the nature of specialties of  the university  but it serves the community that suffers from the chronic diseases that need the efforts of us all in order to fight it.

      The head of the department clarify that this Idea came in cooperate with the Physical Education department after the obesity disease became the disease of the Era joined with its problem that effect badly on the performance of the student and the teacher   due to the lack of the awareness of the right nutrition's culture and the importance of the exercises and this is a problem that needs to pay more attention to it

      After that a lecture about the same subject prepared by Dr Mudhafer Abd Allah was given and it was a valuable one discussed the problems resulted from the bad nutrition's and the bad effect of the fast food which lead into obesity and its bad influence on the functional behavior of the human body, all of this was followed by the useful solutions for this kind of problems and a good nutrition regime programs for the both  human genders with different ages.  After that The president of the university honored the people who prepared this workshop, we wish all the health to our university's employees and students to devote their efforts to serve our dearest Iraq.