Social Activities 

 2014 - 2015   

The Department Social Activities 2015

 Title / The Department held a scientific Symposium about the computer networking 



      With the help of God and sponsored by the president of the university Dr.Ameen Dway Thamer and for the third consecutive year the department held  the charity Market Festival to support orphan children in Iraq through one of the largest humanitarian activities that the students participating with their teachers and the department's employees in order to reach the finest goal which is drawing a  missing smile on those orphan's faces through the market profits that will be spent to cover the needs of such children also for the sake of another goal in which Dr Azad Mentioned it, which is creating a whole generation behaving by  human values as well as backboned by the science.

The market continued for three days, more than 300 students and teaching members  high-actively participated in the spirit of teamwork, where the distribution was by a  number of groups to cover the sections  of the market, which included various goods, including toys , stationery ,clothes ,  appliances and other . the market also included a special section for the painters engravers and Calligraphers also the opening of a mini - games city for the children to add the profit of it to the market profits the market which had been held at the  university central celebration square also had been visited by 3000 shoppers and by a number of representatives of state institutions and the deans of the faculties. At the end of the market works, the Head of Department thanked all those who support it also thanked all those who contributed  in it to the companies and merchants.  AAL al Bait servants  foundation  appreciate and thanked our department for supporting this charity work.
God bless the efforts of all those who contributed to this work and hope that  our students  will continue serving  our society through such  activities.


 The Department Social Activities 2014


 Title / The second group visiting the children's cancer hospital/located –ALEskaan

Date: 2/4/2014

      Complementing the first visit that the department had conducted to Baghdad hospitals meeting the children's suffering from cancer disease that was dedicated to the medical city hospital another visit thank God had been done to the children hospital in AL-Eskaan this visit included students from all the stages and a group of the department employees and teaching staff carrying gifts that were collected from the donations boxes in the department and another boxes that were located in al- Mansour Mall, this visit was a page in the record of humanitarian  and social acts  that the  department has adopted through each academic year to reflect the spirit of cooperation between the students and the employees from one hand and  sense of responsibility and loving community from the other , as the goal of the second visit as the first one is to make those children and their parents feel happy , offer gifts to them and playing with them and this goal had been accomplished through the highly motivated visitors  with the cooperation of the hospital staff, we wish all the success to our students asking the great God the good health to all the Iraqi community.



Title / The second group visiting the children's cancer hospital/located –ALEsA number of the Department's  students and lecturers  visiting Children's Hospital cancer patients protectionist 



      Upon the preparations and efforts exerted by the department and the students for many weeks to collect the donations and the children's presents, preparing the next visit schedule to the Children's Hospital cancer patients protectionist hence the first visit was last year after depending on Allah the busses has been set off transmitting the students and their lecturers holding the presents on Thursday morning 20/03/2014 from the department seeing them off the by president of the university Prof.Dr. Amen Daway Thamer and the head of the department Asst.Prof Dr.Azad Raheem Kareem and the Administrative deputy Dr Mohammed Yousif wishing all the children there to be in a good health as soon as possible, the presents included toys , stationary staff accessories and kids clothes from 2- 15 years and upon reaching the hospital the medical staff welcomed the visiting team and the students started visiting the children under the supervision of the department's lecturers and offering them gifts and helped in opening and playing with them in order to enhance their moods and bring joy to their hearts in the presence of the children relatives whom were grateful for this kind of service offered by the students of the university of technology , from the other side the department presidency confirmed the importance of such activities due to its important positive results plus it's main purpose to make these children as happy as possible also confirming the true citizenship spirit and serving the community, many of the system graduates participated in this visit and this is a great indicator that the first visit was a big hit in the last year God bless the efforts that were done to make this activity succeeded wishing a good health to these children also many thanks to the presidency of the university for supporting the department in such activities