(Health promotion in the community) seminar hosted by the  department for students and members of   university (30/04/2015)


The department held an educational seminar entitled (health promotion in the community) and on Thursday 30-04-2015 at the  departmentís hall with the attendance of the head of the department , both the scientific and administrative deputies and heads of branches. The seminar lecturers were from Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on which they were focusing on two important aspects:

      1. The harm caused by improper use of communication devices and the Internet on human health.

      2. Types of Communicable Diseases and methods of prevention.

(That seminar axes are very important especially to the younger generation) that is what Dr. Azad Raheem, head of the department, touched on his speech that a large percentage of our students and even other categories of society dealing through their daily life with the disease or wrong practices adversely affect the health and safety so it is our duty to support the Ministry of Health awareness committees and the creation of a convenient environment for them to set up such seminars or lectures.The  lectures attended by Dr. Sawsan Jawad Aziz , Infectious diseases expert, and Dr. Imad Abdul Alomaar Belibl member of the
committee of health awareness in the Ministry of Health in addition to Dr. Iman al-Khafaji, from the Ministry of Higher Education.

 We wish health and safety for all to participate to build our beloved Iraq in the right way.