Third charity Market Festival started with the participation of more than 300 students and teaching staff(23/03/2015)




      With the help of God and sponsored by the president of the university Dr.Ameen Dway Thamer and for the third consecutive year the department held  the charity Market Festival to support orphan children in Iraq through one of the largest humanitarian activities that the students participating with their teachers and the department's employees in order to reach the finest goal which is drawing a  missing smile on those orphan's faces through the market profits that will be spent to cover the needs of such children also for the sake of another goal in which Dr Azad Mentioned it, which is creating a whole generation behaving by  human values as well as backboned by the science.

The market continued for three days, more than 300 students and teaching members  high-actively participated in the spirit of teamwork, where the distribution was by a  number of groups to cover the sections  of the market, which included various goods, including toys , stationery ,clothes ,  appliances and other . the market also included a special section for the painters engravers and Calligraphers also the opening of a mini - games city for the children to add the profit of it to the market profits the market which had been held at the  university central celebration square also had been visited by 3000 shoppers and by a number of representatives of state institutions and the deans of the faculties. At the end of the market works, the Head of Department thanked all those who support it also thanked all those who contributed  in it to the companies and merchants.  AAL al Bait servants  foundation  appreciate and thanked our department for supporting this charity work.

God bless the efforts of all those who contributed to this work and hope that  our students  will continue serving  our society through such  activities.