Seminars for the post graduate students              


On 17th of May the department held seminars sessions for the M.S.C .the session have been attended by the administrative and scientific deputies as well as the head of the branches and group of post graduate students. The students were

1-Hussein Mohammed Bader /research title:

"Active Disturbance Rejection Control to Class of Nonlinear Dynamic systems"

2- Mustafa Mohammed Bader /research title:

"Development of Robot Path Planning Algorithm Based on Artificial Potential Field "

3-Hanan Hussein Lafta/research title:

"Implementation and study of Performance Evaluation of Advanced Wireless Network"

4-Taif Ghadban Hamaa /research title :

"Sliding Mode Control Design for Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems"

5- Rand Ahmed Bahaa Al-deen /research title:

"Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller to Magnetic Levitation System "