Student of control and systems engineering department they visits Gas station into the southern of Baghdad


The Department of Control and Systems engineering has been organized a scientific visit to the 2sc southern gas station of Baghdad for the students of the 3/ class of the control engineering branch on Tuesday 9/5/2017 with participants are 29 students by supervision of A.Dr. Arif Abdulrahman Al-Qassar, Engineer Fatima Abdul Rasool, Sawsan Fadel and Ali Abdel-Sahab media unit.

The visiting has been included was given the lecture by a specialized engineering staff and was the subject of the lecture about the station and its affiliated units and the principle of the work of gas turbine and associated control systems.The students then conducted a field tour of one of the units of the station and identify the parts and the principle of work and how to generate electricity. The visit also was covered a number of systems and how to control the station and are the affiliated units it .

Mr. Hazim Rassam Ghadhban Al-Saadi welcomed the students and the supervising staff and encouraged the scientific visits and he Confirmed on the importance of communication and scientific and practical cooperation with all educational institutionsIn the other part Dr.  Aref Al-Qassar who supervisoe the visiting has been submitted the thankful and gratitude for the management of the gas station and its affiliates for their efforts to provide all the needs and provide all facilities for the success of this visit in addition to the detailed and explanation of working the station .

The visiting has the visiting has fulfilled the goal  and expanding the scientific and cognitive horizons of the students and introducing them to the latest developments, especially the control systems and the important role of the control engineer in the work sites in general and in the power generation plants and the oil extraction facilities in particular  .

In closing Dr. Aref Al-Qassar was thanked the Head of Department Dr. Azad Rahim and Dr. Hazem Ibrahim to provided them the an opportunity to hold scientific visits and encourage the teachers to develop the department and wished all students the success and progress to raise up our dear the university of technology and our great country.