Mr. President  the University of Technology leads up the meeting for a general council of control and systems engineering department


The Department of Control and Systems Engineering has been held the meeting at the conference hall for a general council of the department for the faculties to discuss the important points and preparations for the final examinations and the meeting was managed by Mr. President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Dway Thamer, who discussed much more important issues at the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr.  President the University of Technology he welcomed the attendance the faculties and thanked all their efforts.  

During the academic year and he wished them further development and success to serve the dear university and the great our country and was taken the many important issues including the further of scientific research and published in scientific journals it has a high of impact factor in addition to the local publishing, which is reflected positively on the lecturer academic and the department and the university.

Mr. President the University of Technology has been referred to the needed to quick up the scientific promotions and to necessity to pass the final exams / first round for the academic year 2016/2017 through the setup of the Suitable situation for examinations and providing all the most needs for exams and referred to the process of the postgraduate to provide the staff of teachers to serve the University and the country and Mr. President the University has listened to many of notes from the faculties that aims to develop the process of teaching within the department and confirmed the teamwork and working together to raise up the efforts between the faculties to contribute  to enhancement the university and the department .

At the end of the meeting Dr. Azad Rahim   Head of department was  thanked President  the University of Technology  for his valuable directions and he referred to about the supporting of continuing by the presidency of university , as well as Dr. Azad has thanked all the staff of faculties through by his  valuable notes about the prepared the scientific research and published via the high rank  of the universal of magazine it has a high impact factor and developing the standard of scientific for students and enhancing of  working for laboratories and must be to successful the process of final examinations