The Department Participates in Fundraising Campaign and Deliver the Donations to the Displaced Families

       The students and the teaching staff in the department are  participating in an enormous campaign sponsored by the university to support the displaced families from the regions that are experiencing   military actions ,through collecting  financial   and in-Kind donations  to them , regarding this subject the department allocated two boxes in the department lobby for this purpose.
       An activity like this has been held in the department every year under the super vision of the committee of students and cultural activity and under the auspices of the head of the department in order to spread the spirit of love and cooperation of helping the community between our students the builder of the future.
      Annually, there are multiple humanitarian activities adopted by the department to support the Iraqi orphans other activities to take care of the elderly people also continuous visits to the hospitals on which there are children to be treated  from chronic diseases.

God bless the people who are making efforts doing such activities and wishing them all the success to serve our beloved country.