A group of facilities department have got the letter of thanks and and appreciation by Mr . president the university of technology


A group of facilities have got a letter of thanks and appreciation by the Mr. President the University of Technology, Dr. Amin Dway Thamer, for their a best efforts in supervising on the thesis for postgraduate of students' who are finished before the deadline and they  were honored the certificate of appreciation .


   Name of supervisor                                                        Name of Student

1-      Asst prof Dr. Shibly Ahmed Hameed                     1-  Mustafa Hussien Mushari .

2-       Asst prof Dr. Amjad Jalil Ihmid  .                          2-  Akram Hashem Hameed .

3-      Asst prof Dr. Hazem Ibrahim Ali .                          3- Zian ALbbdeen Muhammed 

4-      Asst prof Dr.  Ahmed Sabah AL-Aragy                 4-  Luay Thamer Rasheed .