The department has been held festival about women


The department has held a festival entitled "The Iraqi Women and Society is success story" on Sunday 2/4/2017 through the University Celebration Day its (42 )  anniversary at the conference hall . With attended by Mr.  President the University of Technology a professor Dr. Amen Daway Thamer and group of high educated class of community from ladies of Iraq  who they have the successful stories in the different fields for example (  Medicine , Engineering , Scientific , Law , Arts and Media ) . Talking is every lady about her story to reach out to the success and overcome the challenges and obstacles for the service the country in front of her eyes. These stories, and all the discussions that will take place, will be model into the student's girls who are coming up on the practical life with mixed in society to serve it and building the great state.

This is what confirmed by all the attendees in the festival at hall in order to it was a great opportunity provided by the university and provided also the department to their students and employees for meeting with are brilliant names of Iraqi women .

Mr.  President of university has affirmed in his word the main Role University of Technology in raise the awareness of students to forward that could be serviced out great country and supporting all the activities .   In order to Mr. Head of department Dr. Azad Rahim was welcoming in all the attendees and he appreciated on the best done by the division of  quality in department about the festival also he has expressed the appreciation for all the participants .

We are blessed all efforts to forward to provide the best service for our great country and we are wishing for our students more progress and success in their career.