The department has been organized the festival of charity


The department of control and systems engineering has been organized events of the festival of charity the fourth annual for period ( 5-6 April ) to support the Iraqi Orphan's the title is :-

" The wipe of teardrop and lights the candle ".

The events been held at the headquarter the campus university of technology with attended Mr. President the  university  of technology  " professor Dr. Amen Daway Thamer " And Dr. " Azad Rahim  "  the head of department of control and systems engineering who was supervisor on the festival . The events which included a charity market that was dedicated his income to orphans and diversity of shows for hand job, arts with games and a celebration for children. 

The participants are  great job approximately ( 60 ) members of faculties with employees in order to over ( 100 ) students in a spirit of understanding with love of teamwork especially the charitable of activity that aims to service the deprived and important of category of community which they needs  to support and caring them .

Special thanks and gratitude to the presidency of the university who has sponsoring the festival every  year. The presidency of department has appreciated the efforts and all participates on this a great job which makes our university to be closer to the society and service it.