The Students of postgraduate have given many of seminars


Department of control and systems engineering has been held on Thursday 23/3/2017 The seminars were given at the hall of discussions which in included many of seminars into the students of post graduate for the master's of degree, as the requirements of obtaining the masters of degree And preparation for the achievement of stages of working in the research. In order to have been attended assistant of head department for scientific affairs and postgraduate studies and the assistant head of the department for administrative affairs and heads of branches with many numbers of faculties in the department with numbers of employees and students the masters of degree. 

The students who have given the seminars are:

1- Murtadah Khudaier Flayeih the titled of research is: (Walking Gait Locomotion Analysis and Optimization for A Quadruped Robot).

2-Noor Khasim Yusuf the titled of research is: (A Cognitive Nonlinear Controller Design for Mobile Robot based on FPGA).

3- Muslim Abdulameer Akeel the titled of research is: (Spiking Neural Network Based Intelligent control Design for an Automotive Engine).