Participation of a researcher from the Department of Control and Systems Engineering at an international conference


Assist lecturer Amjad Faleh Hassan who are working in Department of Control and Systems Engineering  has presented a scientific research at the International Scientific Conference has been held at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the period 7-8 / 3/2017 (the new directions in the application of technology in information and communications .

In Cooperation with the International Journal (IEEE) by his research titled is :

Developing Semiautonomous System for Robust Performance of Centrifugal Pumping System

In order to the researcher has been affirmed about using the intelligent systems to develop and improve the flow rate of the centrifugal pump through the individual control of the speed of the motor and the amount of angle in the control valve and control double at the same time to obtain the best point efficiency.

We congratulate the researcher on this scientific of achievement and hope to him further progress to serve our great country.