The department welcomes the first stage's student



The department assigned Wednesday the 12 th of November 2014 a day to welcome the new accepted students to study in the academic year 2014-2015  through the student's  welcoming committee where the head of the committee ,the administrative assistant Dr. Mohammed Yousif, the gentlemen  heads of the branches and the welcoming committee members all met the new student to focus the light to the student distribution mechanism upon the branches and an abbreviated fragment upon the nature of the study of each branch  and the future work domain of each, after a special prepared guide book have been distributed to them that include the important aspects and  the university student's special instructions.After that the student's welcoming committee took the students in a tour to all the Halls , the labs and to all  the department's and the university's facilities in order to be familiar with. 'Welcome' we said to all our students and we wish them all the success during their study in the department