Discussion for student of master degree titled as Type-2 Fuzzy Joint Trajectory Control of a Hydraulic Excavator


Department of control and engineering systems has been given the certificate masters of degree in specialization for engineering of mechatronics for student ( Athraa Faraj Sagban ) Discussing has been conducted on 16 / 2 / 2016 at the hall of discussion within the department titled as (Type-2 Fuzzy Joint Trajectory Control of a Hydraulic Excavator) . The committee of discussion has been consisted of: -

1- Assist Prof. Dr  Saad Adbredha Maky .                                 “ Chairman “ .

2- Assist Prof. Dr  Aref Abdulrahman Ibrahin  .                         “  Member “ .  

3- Assist Prof. Dr Amed Alaa Augla .               .                         “  Member “ .

4- Assist Prof. Dr Mohammed Yusuf                      “supervisor & Member “ .

In addition to Mr. President of control & systems engineering department Assist prof Dr.Azad Raheem has attended the discussion and assistant of scientific affair for department with many members of faculties and number of the postgraduate students.

Eventually we hope for Athraa progress and more accomplishments and rising up for our a great country.