Workshop About Arduino Microcontroller


Brunch of control engineering has been held of training workshop about arduino micro controller   through the spring of vacation to period 13 -16 of February . Who they have desire of students for all classes and by supervision assist Professor Dr. Hazem Ibrahim who is a chairman of control branch and sharing with the students are    Nazar Waleed   and Maamon Abdullah  and number of  18 participants at the workshop to all stages and diversity  of specializations of department .

  The workshop has been included as the following up :-

1-      1-The definition the structuring of Arduino and how could be used it.

2-      2- How is the programming of processor.

3-      3-Writing of multi programming and applied for different applications.

4-      4-Controlling of room temperature.

5-      5-Controlling on the engine DC continuing and other applications.

In the closing of workshop have been given awarding certificates to the participants.