Asst professor from Control Systems of engineering department participated in conference of higher education in Iraq


Asst professor Dr. Mohammed Yusuf Hassan who is working in control systems of engineering department has been participated in conference of higher education which has held in Baghdad at Royal Tulip Alrasheed.

In cooperation with “ IREX  “ an American organization to period  26 – 28  / 9 / 2016 

In addition to the minister of higher education has participated in the conference and many from members of Iraqi parliament.   

Through the conference has presented the accomplishments and projects are created within Iraqi universities in order to universities of Kurdistan.

 Are sponsoring their projects by IREX organization such as the projects of methods teaching.

 By using problems solving and programs educational for students and administrational for universities as well had presented projects of “Design Day” that held at Iraqi universities.  

In closing of ceremony have been given awarding certificates to the participants.