Seminar about dissertation of doctorate presents by Dr. Waleed Fawaz Shareef


 The lecturer Dr. Waleed Fawaz Shareef who is working in Control Systems of Engineering Department

has been given a seminar about "Near field sensing and antenna design for wireless body area network".

On 21 / September / 2016 at hall conference within the department and it was regarding in his dissertation which

he has obtained in doctorate degree from "New Castle University of British ".

The thesis investigates the state-of-the art of WBAN, examines the influence of metallic object near an antenna

 through experimental studies and proposes antenna design and their applications for near field environments.

The major contributions of this study can be summarized as follows. First, it observes and defines the changes in the return

 loss of a narrow band antenna when a metallic object is introduced in its near field using Network analyzer. Then,

 the thesis introduces a new antenna design that conforms to the WBAN requirements of size, while achieving very low sensitivity

 to human body.  Finally, the proposed antennas were tested on several human body parts with nearby metallic objects,

to compare the change in antenna s-parameters due to presence of the human body and presence of the metallic object.

 Based on the measurements, basic statistical indicators and Principal Component Analysis were proposed to detect object presence and estimate its distance.

 In conclusion, the thesis successfully shows WBAN antenna’s ability to detect nearby metallic objects through a set of proposed indicators and novel antenna design.