Seminar in master's degree about Automatic Control System of High Speed Machines


 Asst Lecturer Mohaned Nawfal Mustafa who is working in Control Systems of Engineering Department

 has been given a seminar about "Automatic Control Systems Bearing of High Speed Machines".

On 21 / September / 2016 at hall conference within the department and it was regarding in his thesis

 that he has obtained in masters degree from South Russia Polytechnic University.

 The search presents to build an automatic control system (ACS) to electromagnetic

bearings could be used in high speed machines with considered nonlinear to origin of system which has derived of a new modern

mathematical based on different currents to opposite coils at same force axis of the electromagnetic

 to gain on the sample mathematical of nonlinear for system

The search has taken the high quality and quick response which is required such as these systems.