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The Department Latest News
- Workshop explaining the performance evaluation of departments according to the national quality classification 2017-10-12
- The Department of Computer Sciences held a workshop to follow up with graduates 2017-10-11
- Acknowledgment letter from Babil University for the Administrative Assistant Dr. Ayad R. Abbas 2017-10-11
- Discussion of the doctoral thesis of the student Abeer Dhiaa Abdul Qader 2017-09-28
- Honoring professor Dr. Ahmed Tariq on Science Day 2017-09-20
- Head of Computer Science Department meets with laboratories staff 2017-09-17
- The department supervises the examination of the graduates of Almazaya private colleges 2017-08-13
- Master Thesis discussion for the student Shatha Talib 2017-07-04
- Thanks Letter to the students participated in the speak-up technology activity 2017-05-31
- Teacher participation at the conference of the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals 2017-05-25
- The department participated in a symposium at the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies 2017-05-24
- Expert Meeting for Academic Accreditation Requirements (ABET) 2017-05-21
- The Department of Computer Science holds a meeting for its General Committee 2017-05-18
- The Department hosts The comprehensive examination of graduates of Madenat Alelm University 2017-05-15
- Master Thesis discussion for the student Dhurgham Wameedh 2017-05-09
- Master Thesis discussion for the student Atheer Rahim 2017-05-07
- Master Thesis discussion for the student Duaa Ali Nori 2017-05-04
- Master Thesis discussion for the student Ghazwa Ghanem Jumaa' 2017-05-03
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